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EarthToday.news is a non-profit social media platform where users can create, share, and post content from around the world, and is comprised entirely of shared content posted by independent 3rd parties; guests, registered editors, commentators and contributors and may contain jokes, satire, parody, opinion, crazy talk and ideas, from a wide variety of people from all walks of life, who are engaged in a variety of situations from all over the world and all across the intenet.

All content including news, articles, videos, images, comments and opinions are posted by 3rd parties and do not represent the work, views or opinions of EarthToday.news.


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EarthToday.news is comprised entirely of shared content posted under fair use, for informational, educational purposes, by 3rd parties; guests, editors, commentators and contributors. All copyright remains with original creator.



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Casual Creators

Posts by guests, registered editors, commentators and contributors welcome. Share the stories most important to you. Excellent opportunity to bring regional, topical or personality based content. Share something with us to begin activation of create mode.


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Nevertheless, never share information about yourself that you don't want on the internet. Posts, articles videos and links our website may lead to content hosted on other websites, their cookie and privavcy policies are beyond our control. 



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